Tech Sergeant Michael Kingsley served his country for over 20 years. He entered the Armed Forces out of high school and spent most of his time overseas during the Vietnam War where he serviced airplanes used in Vietnam. After his military retirement his health started to decline. Michael has had two hip replacements with revisions and has difficulty getting around due to nerve damage in his legs. He also suffers from a-fib which causes him to have difficulty breathing. Then his wife passed away in 2022.  He now relies heavily on his daughter, Megan Kingsley, to keep up with his care and even his hygiene. It was for this reason that Megan nominated her father for the Shower for a Soldier Bath Makeover Giveaway from New York Sash.

“He has a hard time stepping over the lip of the bathtub, making it very hard for him to shower daily. A new bathroom, specifically a walk-in shower would change his life. It will make his daily living safer, easier and happier,” Megan wrote in her nomination.

New York Sash chose Kingsley as the recipient of their 3rd annual Shower for a Soldier Giveaway, and the bath makeover project was completed last week. Focused on accessibility, the new shower space removes any barriers to entry and is complete with a seat, grab bars and accessories. Michael can now regain independence he had lost, and Megan can have peace-of-mind knowing her father is safe in the shower.

Started in 2020 the goal of Shower for a Soldier is to improve the life of a local Veteran experiencing hardships that hinder everyday tasks such as bathing. As a thank you for their service, New York Sash installs a new tub or shower for the recipient completely free of charge.

“At New York Sash, it is our goal to serve our community and give back when we can. Shower for a Soldier is our way of enhancing the life of a local Veteran, someone who has already given so much for our country. We are proud to be able to offer this award,” said New York Sash owner Scot Hayes.


New York Sash will continue the Shower for a Soldier campaign next year.

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