We understand this is an unprecedented time for everyone. Regardless of your current situation, one thing is for certain-everyone is concerned about the future. While there are a lot of unknowns about the impact of this pandemic, you can be sure of one thing-we will remain a strong community partner for you, and we are here to support our business community.

Since the pandemic started effecting the Greater Utica Area, things started looking much differently for our organization. While they are different, our focus to connect and convene our community remains the same. We’ve done this by launching 7 different initiatives and resources:

Our organization makes sure that no business is alone.  This is the time when strength in numbers really matters.  You can go at it alone, but it’s much more tolerable with support.  We are here to provide that support whether it be connecting you to someone who can help, lending you a platform to communicate your news, or offering up some friendly advice.

Our executive director has put together this video message to describe what the Chamber has been up to.  If you have the time, we’d really appreciate you watching, and also checking out the ways we could use your help below:

Prefer to read? Check out this letter from our Executive Director Meghan McGrogan, to get a deeper understanding of what the Chamber is up to!

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