Our VIRTUAL SERVICES Are Now Available!

For the safety of our clients and staff, Empowered Pathways is following the directives of the New York State on PAUSE policy. Although the directives have caused us to cancel in-office personnel functions until further notice, we are happy to announce that our staff has developed some excellent VIRTUAL SERVICES options!!
The VIRTUAL SERVICES options include phone conferencing, online meetings and trainings, and sharing electronic information.
We currently have capabilities to host and attend virtual meetings through Zoom, can process forms for signatures, and continue to conduct most business through safer, alternative methods. If you’ve never used Zoom, our staff can walk you through the simple steps to access it on your computer, tablet or cell phone. All of the mediation services you’ve come to rely on, including custody/visitation, divorce mediation, conflict coaching, parent/teen mediation, workplace issues and much more, will still be available but you won’t need to travel to our office. You can access them from the safety and comfort of your home.
Here is a list of our services that are currently available using our Virtual Services options:

Restorative Practices
• Parent-Teen & PINS Mediation – Intended to allow parents and teens to build a plan for their daily lives together. For parents struggling with raising teens, mediation can help bridge the gaps and build a workable plan for the household.
• Family Group Conferencing – A Circles-based process (usually 4 to 6 weeks) where the family discusses issues in a Circles setting
• Family Circles – We help affected family members open up and maintain communication among the whole family.
• Project CREW – Designed to assist workforces in discussing issues in a Circles environment. Aims to improve company morale and productivity.
Alternate Dispute Resolution. We can help you create workable agreements while the courts are currently closed. We can also assist with modifying existing agreements.
• Custody Visitation – Although the courts are closed at this time, we can work with parents to begin to build a self-determined plan for custody and/or visitation rights for their child(ren). This service is for parents struggling with issues around custody and visitation rights.
• Divorce – Intended to allow parties involved in a No-Fault Divorce find equitable solutions for distribution of marital property as well as child custody, retirement, pension, and health insurance considerations. Mediators will help parties develop divorce agreements that can then be taken to court and filed along with the paperwork that the courts require for non-contested divorces in New York State
• Conflict Coaching – Intended to help an individual to build resilience and conflict resolution skills. A trained coach works with the individual one-on-one and discusses common sources of conflict. The coach and individual work together and develop plans and coping skills for conflicts.

Surrogate Decision-Making Committee
All of our SDMC services are available. Our trained Empowered Pathways staff is working closely with the NY State Justice Center to ensure that these critical services continue to be delivered uninterrupted.

Women’s Employment & Resource Center:  https://www.empoweredpathwayscny.org/copy-of-surrogate-decision-making-c-1
While some places are cutting back on their workforce, others are in need of additional staff. The Women’s Employment and Resource Center is looking to place women in immediate openings. Our job search services for women are up and running!! Assistance is available for: resume preparation, cover letters, job search, interview coaching.


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