MVHS invites the community to recognize their MVHS healthcare hero and support frontline needs.

Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) has seen the impact of the pandemic first hand. The MVHS Foundation is helping to address the critical need for support by telling the stories of frontline staff. This special initiative is called “Unmasking our Healthcare Heroes.” Throughout the coming weeks the MVHS Foundation will be sharing the stories of different frontline employees at MVHS through a variety of means, including our social media channels.

The “Unmasking our Healthcare Heroes” initiative kicked off by highlighting frontline physician, Devayani Namassivaya, MD, Infectious Disease specialist at MVHS.

“I have to thank my parents and family for the support and strength they have given me,” said Dr. Namassivaya “When I was in school all I thought about was becoming an architect. My father gave me good insight into medicine and I have not regretted one minute, even during these unprecedented times.

“As my 5 and a half year-old nephew told me – I am going treat patients and save their lives! As an infectious disease physician, I not only see patients with diseases, but work hard on preventing the spread of infections to ensure MVHS is safe for all who come through our doors. Yes, there are days when it’s very stressful, but I come to work and all I think about is how sick the patients are and how to help them. I am extremely pleased and grateful to be serving MVHS. The community has welcomed me with open arms. In fact, I loved this community so much that I also recruited my sister, an intensivist, who provides care for critically ill patients, to join our community. We love to travel and get together and when I’m not working I love to do pottery.”

The stories of frontline staff, like that of Dr. Namassivaya help to show the passion and commitment MVHS caregivers showcase each day and highlight the commitment to safety and care at MVHS.

“Throughout this pandemic, so many individuals and businesses have reached out to say – how can we help,” said John Forbes, vice president of Philanthropy at MVHS. “This crisis has showed us just how much the healthcare system is relied upon and how important it is to our community and we are so appreciative of the community’s support. In response to the many inquiries about how to help MVHS employees, we are working with GivingTuesdayNow to provide a meaningful way for those wishing to make a difference to help and recognize our frontline.”

You can help recognize your healthcare hero to support the immediate needs of our frontline related to COVID-19. Gifts can be made by visiting

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Devayani Namassivaya, MD

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