New York State legislators are considering legislation to create a Single Payer health care system. This legislation known as the New York Health Act (NYHA), would eliminate private health insurance coverage in New York and create a state-run government plan.






































Realities of  Single Payer has put together a great toolkit geared to Upstate employers, which can be shared as well. It includes some great key points about the uninsured rate in Upstate New York as compared to the rest of the state and country:

  • 95% of New Yorkers have health insurance coverage. We should be focusing on covering the remaining 5% instead of experimenting with a Single Payer system.
  • The uninsured rate in Upstate New York is even lower at about 3.5%
  • The State’s insured rate has remained stable at 95% throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to the access, affordability and choices offered by the current health plan marketplace which relies on a partnership of government programs and the private sector support.
  • New York’s uninsured rate is one of the lowest in the country. The national uninsured rate pre-COVID was 10.9%.

Get the toolkit here:  Upstate Employer Tool Kit

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