The University at Albany and SUNY Polytechnic Institute entered into an agreement that allows students of each institution to easily take courses at the other as visiting students.

Under a new Memorandum of Understanding, undergraduate and graduate students who are matriculated at one of the two institutions can register for courses at the other and be billed through their own institution.

In other words, a student matriculated into an undergraduate or graduate degree program at UAlbany would be eligible to take courses at SUNY Poly as a visiting student, and vice versa. The same student would only pay UAlbany, while UAlbany would reimburse SUNY Poly for the course fee. Similarly, SUNY Poly will reimburse UAlbany for any students paying SUNY Poly tuition while taking a UAlbany course.

“This collaborative arrangement allows our students to seamlessly enroll in the specialized courses offered by SUNY Polytechnic Institute, while opening to SUNY Poly students the wide array of courses at the University at Albany,” said UAlbany President Havidán Rodríguez. “The agreement creates an important synergy between these two neighboring institutions of higher education, offering undergraduate and graduate students alike a chance to broaden their horizons.”

“We are excited to work with the University at Albany to further streamline the student experience. By enabling our respective students to participate in courses at the other institution, it means we are collaboratively opening doors so they can gain an even more well-rounded education, which is critical for success in the 21st century economy,” said SUNY Poly Acting President Tod A. Laursen.

The MOU, initially set for three years, facilitates registration for both undergraduate and graduate students who will be able to work with their advisors to ensure enrollment status and financial aid eligibility, as well as to make sure that credits are applicable to their degree.

“The University at Albany and SUNY Poly have developed a strong relationship over the years, and this is an important opportunity to expand our partnership to include academic collaboration,” said UAlbany Provost Carol H. Kim. “This agreement provides access to expanded options and opportunities for all of our students and will undoubtedly enhance the experiences of students at both Universities.”

“As a result of the proximity of our two campuses, this reciprocal cross-registration agreement makes sense and will simplify a SUNY Poly student’s ability to take courses at UAlbany, and vice versa,” said SUNY Poly Interim Dean of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering André Melendez. “Put simply, this agreement is one additional and impactful way in which we can provide students with the most robust education possible.”

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