April is National Credit Union Youth Month, this year’s theme is “Save Small. Dream Big. at your credit union.” GPO Federal Credit Union has partnered with the National Credit Union Association to tell young members that their dreams are attainable, no matter how big they are. Dreaming big doesn’t mean you need to start with big actions. The first small step is usually the hardest, but once it’s taken, you can use momentum to propel you forward.


Join GPO this April and other credit unions across the country as they encourage kids to start saving regularly. This celebration is a great time to engage kids within your community to help them learn that saving, no matter how small the amount, can help them achieve their dreams. Another way GPO is supporting young member’s big dreams is with a Money & Me Teen Finance Workshop on Tuesday, April 26.  This hands-on workshop will help teens understand the importance of financial goal setting, ways to manage personal spending plans, learn the importance of knowing your credit score and how to build and manage credit. For more information on Credit Union Youth Month or GPO’s Money & Me Teen Finance Workshop visit https://www.gpofcu.com/cuyouthmonth.html!

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