Many small businesses are struggling in the wake of the Covid pandemic. What if we could find experts who have scaled businesses through other recessions and struggles into companies valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars? What if we could find some local businesses who aren’t sure how to adapt to this new world and give them access to business leaders who have decades of experience in transforming companies?

Welcome to Jumpstart. Jumpstart is where we gather a panel of business experts and have local companies from across the Innovation Collective landscape and give them a chance to pitch their company, what their current struggles are, and then the experts snap into action to give them expert advice on finding opportunities in this new world.

This will definitely be fun to watch, it will be even more fun to follow these businesses as they transform themselves into something new…We are about to give them a Jumpstart!

Our experts…

Frank DuRoss is a serial entrepreneur who started his career in 1976 when he and his brother started a building services company which the would later sell to one of the largest facilities companies in the world. He went on to start an asbestos remediation company that, in 1980 was one of the 350 fastest growing privately held companies in the US. Frank went on to own or co-own multiple professional hockey and soccer, and lacrosse teams transforming them into extremely successful sports franchises. In addition Frank has owned or launched incredibly successful radio and TV stations as well as popular restaurants, bars, and commercial real estate ventures.

Braden Pollock is a leading authority on internet marketing and online businesses. Braden started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 6 and went on to create and sell a very successful vending machine company. Braden made a name for himself in the early days of domain names, investing in early stage internet startups, and developing marketing companies for the legal field. Braden even took a brick and mortar company from one location to 200 growing by over 25% in the economic downturn of 2008.

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