Melanie was placed into Foster Care due to abuse and neglect. After stating that she feared for her safety, Melanie was placed into a kinship foster home with her grandparents. Melanie had been struggling with her future and sometimes felt overwhelmed about her life. Through love and guidance from her grandparents, Melanie smiles more, excels in school, is involved in karate and the school orchestra, and is now enthusiastically looking into dance classes.

The House of the Good Shepherd Celebrates National Foster Care Month this May to raise awareness for the need for foster homes, celebrate foster families and their commitment to children and youth placed in their care, and acknowledge the role of foster care providers.

This year, Foster Care Month focuses primarily on the mental well-being of foster children and maintaining the focus on their physical health and safety. The House will take a holistic and culturally responsive approach to embody this year’s theme, “Strengthening Minds, Uplifting Families,” and recognize Foster Parents for their daily work to help keep our communities’ children safe.

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a foster parent? Our foster parents tell us that being a foster parent is one of the most fulfilling and important things they have ever done.

Foster parents can be single-parent families, blended families, same-sex partners, empty nesters, or those that may not be able to have biological children of their own — anyone who can provide support, guidance, and a caring environment for children who have been through trauma.

There are many different foster care models to choose from, and we invite you to apply to become a foster parent today!

You can learn more at or by calling 1-877-87-FOSTER.

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