The Fountainhead Group, Inc. is proud to announce they have earned the distinction of being
named one of the 2022 Best Companies to Work for in New York!

The Fountainhead Group, Inc. (FGI) is a multi-national leader in the development and production of liquid
sprayer technology. Representing a portfolio of the most prolific house-hold names, FGI’s production
output can be seen on the shelves of nearly every big-box retailer in the world, including Walmart,
Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and many more. As a family-owned company with deep
roots in Central New York, FGI has committed to developing their workforce and production in a highly
diverse, economically-isolated community.

When COVID-19 struck, FGI was classified as an essential company, supporting local, national, and
governmental efforts to fight the virus through the production of sanitation equipment, allowing FGI to
retain it’s entire workforce and aid the efforts of numerous companies, schools, and organizations in their
efforts to keep their respective communities safe. Throughout this strenuous year, Fountainhead has
continued to support it’s “FGI Family” of employees, introducing an apprenticeship program through a
local community college to help develop, train, and promote it’s current workforce into leadership
positions. Recognized by MACNY as a 2021 Leader in Talent Development, FGI has a keen interest in
the development of local talent, hiring a significant portion of its workforce from the robust refugee
population in Utica and offering unique opportunities for advancement and education to a crucial, but
underserved, community.

This emphasis on community exists at the very core of FGI’s family-owned and operated business,
where they continue to grow their production in Central New York, announcing the groundbreaking of a
new 200,000 sq.ft. facility to sustain their double digit growth in sales over the past 12 months and
uplifting the local economy.

Established in Utica, NY 134 years ago, FGI’s ever-growing commitment to CNY inspires a robust
corporate philanthropy program uniquely positioned to prop up some 150 local non-profits under their
aptly named giving pillars of “Family, Growth, and Integrity.” This acronym, born from FGI’s own
abbreviation, emphasizes their holistic, altruistic approach to community, and inspires FGI’s designation
as a “best” company to work for.

This designation comes from the New York State Society of Human Resource Management ahead of the
April 13th celebration ceremony where FGI will be ranked among 25 other companies who have made
the list. Congratulations to the incredible team at The Fountainhead Group, Inc. for this accomplishment!
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