The Sunset Home of Utica, better known as The Community at Sunset Wood, is celebrating 140-years in business! In 1878, a request was made to the Faxton Hospital Trustees that one unused floor be converted into a home for Aged men, until the space should be needed by the hospital. Upon consent of the Trustees and of Mr. Faxton, funds were solicited to which generous response was made – and in 1878, three aged men were admitted, In 1879, six entered, four in 1880 and nine in 1881. The manager of the Hospital then applied to Articles of Incorporation for “The Home for Aged Men in the City of Utica, NY”, which was granted on February 7, 1882.


As the hospital’s need for rooms had increased, plans were discussed for a new building to be located at 1657 Sunset Ave in Utica. In 1890, The Board of Trustees had secured $35,000 (2022: $1,139,658) plans were drawn, and on August 19th of that year, ground was broken on the project which was eventually completed and occupied by “the family” on July 11, 1891.


In 1971, the St. Luke’s Memorial Hospital Board entered a joint venture with the Faxton Street Home Board and the Sunset Home of Utica Board, together building a $3,700,000 (2022: $27,000,000) seven-story health related facility and nursing home which replaced the former Sunset Home of Utica Building.


Now “homeless,” the Sunset Home of Utica Board of Managers sought out to build a community which could house independent seniors who wished to live in an apartment-like setting, but with support services such as a nightly dinner and housekeeping. An agreement to purchase what used to be the “Coton property” at 118 Genesee Street in New Hartford was entered into in which a 42- unit building was erected for seniors with support services for $1,500,000 (2022: $4,277,830). To further expand upon their mission, what is now called The Community at Sunset Wood, added 24 more units in 2002 in the amount of $3,705,000 (2022: $6,102,458) reaching a total of 66 apartments which are available to seniors 62 or older.


Flash forward to 2022, 140-years after their initial incorporation, and The Community at Sunset Wood is continuing their mission of enabling seniors to live independently in a secure community that enhances the quality of life. Their staff considers themselves a part of their seniors’ extended family, respecting the rights of the individual, yet readily available should a crisis or emergency arise.


“It truly is an honor to be a part of one of the oldest nonprofits in our area and serving the same population we did in 1882, “Dominick Manfredo, Executive Director / CEO stated. “It took so much foresight for the original Board to come up with the idea to take care of seniors the way they did far before anyone thought it was needed. I think the founders of our organization would be very proud to see that here we are 140-years later stronger than ever and implementing new programs that help seniors age-in-place.”


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The Community at Sunset Wood’s mission is to enable seniors to live independently in a secure community that enhances the quality of life. We do this by providing below market rate and market rate senior housing that is on average, much cheaper than our nearest competitor. In addition, we pride ourselves in promoting our “Aging-In-Place” model which encourages our tenants to utilize and/or bring in services that can keep them independent in their own home rather than moving to nursing care— in this case, smart home technology. For more information on our community please visit or call 315-733-1389.


1891 photo courtesy Oneida County History Center, Utica, NY

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