Approved April 13, 2021



WHEREAS, Assembly Member Marianne Buttenschon is sponsoring Assembly bill A.01177, and there is a corresponding Senate bill S.5238, that would amend the New York State urban development act in relation to marketing and expanding export trade from New York State; and

WHEREAS,  according to the proposed legislation, participation in the quickly changing and highly competitive global marketplace by New York state businesses is critical for the long-term economic stability of the state;  and

WHEREAS,  numerous barriers exist to small and medium sized businesses throughout the state to enter into or expand in the export marketplace;  and

WHEREAS,  small and medium sized businesses lack support in the form of updated information, technical expertise, and to develop alliances to maximize trade potential with other countries, states, and regions within New York state;  and

WHEREAS, the state can help by developing a comprehensive strategy to encourage and assist businesses to flourish from expanded international, inter-state and intra-state trade;  and

WHEREAS,  the legislation would require the Urban Development Corporation to develop an export trade program to market and expand export trade by New York manufacturing and service-oriented businesses internationally, inter-state, and intra-state;  and

WHEREAS,  the bill would also assist businesses by developing online directories for export assistance, financial information and assistance, and shared freight and transportation logistics that are needed for the growth of business exports;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce does hereby support the proposed “MEET-NY Act” legislation to assist local and state businesses to expand in the export market and promote job development throughout the region and state.