SUNY Poly Empire Innovation Professor of Nanobioscience Dr. Nate Cady, in addition to (former) Ph.D. student Eunice Chou, were featured in the Biophotonics article, “Plasmonics and Microfluidics: Speed Detection of Lyme Disease,” for their related research on a more efficient diagnosis platform. The research is in partnership with Ciencia Inc.

“The ultimate goal is to get approval for their diagnostic technology from the FDA. Cady said that, so far, the good results they have achieved foretell promise in the examination and diagnosis of other diseases…

“‘As long as you know what biomarkers you’re looking for, you can really apply this assay to any disease, including COVID-19, so the technology is agnostic,’ he said.”

Notably, Dr. Chou is an alumna of SUNY Poly’s joint M.D.-Ph.D. program with SUNY Downstate, who is currently working to complete her M.D.

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