Let us help your business get on your feet as regulations lift and business are able to reopen. We have a variety of tactics to help you do just that! From our 13 locally owned and operated radio stations in both Utica and Syracuse. To a nation wide possibility with our digital marketing capabilities. As the reopening process begins, getting the word to the public that your business is practices safe and healthy regulations when operating.

Reach out to any of our marketing experts today to get the word out there that your business is opening up for the City of Utica!


Tune in to our Mix 102.5 station as Big Poppa chats with Dr. Eadline from Slocum-Dickson Medical Group PLLC about topics including being intimidated by the screening when entering certain buildings, and tips/things to remember during a pandemic & more! Medical Monday, every Monday only on Mix 102.5.


Also, our Mix 102.5 station is sharing with you live and local updates regarding Covid-19 and its new regulations. Tune in to Mix 102.5, as Big Poppa interviews Kristen Copeland, from WKTV, every Thursday at 3:20pm & 3:40pm. We also invite a Safety Check with Oneida County Sheriff, Rob Maciol, every Friday at 3:20pm & 5:20pm. Keep on top of the changes being made throughout the Covid-19 pandemic with Mix 102.5!


We are hoping you and your family are staying safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tune in to our stations, MIX 102.5, Tony FM, Krock, and ESPN on the radio, our free apps, or using an Amazon Smart Speaker! Stay up to date with local news and regulations on any of our stations. But, also help us keep the positivity as we all get through this difficult time together!

Have a safe and healthy holiday weekend!

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