The Stanley Theatre, Friends of The Stanley, Big Blue
North Recording Studio, Disruption Network, 92.7FM The DRIVE, Cornell Cooperative
Extension and Ezra’s Energy are pleased to announce the five finalists from Stanley’s Online
Stage submissions.

The five artists include Isaac French with the original song Brightside, Tom Nitti with the
original song The Chase, Julia Grippe with the original song Once, Joe Van Dresar with the
original song Heart Stealer and J. Schnitt with the original song Dinosaurs.
The artist’s submissions will be posted to Stanley Center for the Arts Facebook page.
Once the videos have been uploaded, the public will have the opportunity to vote for their
favorite by liking or sharing the original post on Stanley’s page. In order for the like or share to
be counted towards the final tally, it must be done on The Stanley’s video upload. In other
words, if the post is liked after a friend shared it, it will not count towards the final count . The
only way to ensure a vote is accounted for is to visit Stanley Center for the Arts page and like
or share the video from there. Voting will be counted from the time the video is uploaded
through noon on Thursday, May 14. The winners will be announced on Genesee Joe’s show at
2pm on 92.7FM The Drive.

Voting was completed based on composition, star quality, musicianship, performance and
originality. Thank you to the over 40 local artists who submitted original works!

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