Smart Carrier is excited to participate in an upcoming exposition in Las Vegas, NV. The Call & Contact Center Expo will be held April 24-25th, 2024 after a successful event in 2023. The focus of this event is to create efficiency and cost-saving momentum for customer experience and employee experience. The Call & Contact Center Expo is the leading customer engagement and business intelligence event in the United States. A growing local business, Smart Carrier, is gaining national momentum as a result of partnering with events like this one.


“We are thrilled to announce Smart Carrier’s participation in the 2024 Call and Contact Center Expo! This event isn’t just about presence; it’s our platform to ignite innovation, forge invaluable connections, and amplify our commitment to unparalleled client experiences. Join us at Booth 5000 as we redefine the future of communication!” says Rachelle Guitián, Chief Marketing Officer of Smart Carrier.


Over 200 world-class suppliers will be on-site showcasing their revolutionary products and solutions and demonstrating the use to implement in customer experience strategy, in which delegates can discover the latest solutions and receive exclusive 1-2-1 professional advice from industry experts.  It will also feature a range of inspiring seminars, interactive workshops, and networking experiences. The incredible keynote speakers will be covering the key points of 2023/24 hottest trends from the birth of XCaaS, cloud contact center, new customer satisfaction scoring models, and the rise of hyper-personalization, to remote workforce training. Not only this, but delegates will also get the unlimited networking opportunity to connect with more than 3,000 like-minded industry professionals that will bring new business opportunities to organizations.


Smart Carrier was one of the first pioneering service providers to offer a complete STIR/SHAKEN solution and thus created their proprietary, cutting-edge platform. The Smart Carrier platform removes the hassle and complication out of becoming fully STIR/SHAKEN compliant. Smart Carrier telecom compliance management software is for businesses that have low to high-volume inbound and outbound calling. Smart Carrier started as a part-time telecom and VoIP consulting over 20 years ago and has evolved to accommodate over 200 million calls per month and 4 Billion API requests.