Let us help your business get on your feet as regulations lift and business are able to reopen. We have a variety of tactics to help you do just that! From our 13 locally owned and operated radio stations in both Utica and Syracuse. To a nation wide possibility with our digital marketing capabilities. As the reopening process begins, getting the word to the public that your business is practicing safe and healthy regulations when operating is predominant.

Reach out to any of our marketing experts today to get the word out there that your business is opening up for the City of Utica!

The Re-opening of phase 4 means we are ready to help you reach your full potential and grow! We want to help all business’s who have been effected by the pandemic get their doors open and businesses flowing again. Or diverse team of marketing experts can meet any of your needs producing and create radio, digital comprehensive event marketing plans. Our radio products are great for those who want to reach a vast majority of the Utica and Syracuse public. While, our digital products serve your advertisements online to a geographic and demographic online based presence for your business.

At Galaxy we are a proud local company who wants to serve the needs of other local companies. We are hoping you and your family are staying safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As we get back to this new normal we are hoping Utica will continue to excel in excellence.


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