Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. is reaching out to Chamber members on behalf of the Oneida County Opioid Task Force to raise awareness of its “Save-a-Life” campaign.


As part of the campaign, Oneida County Health Department staff will provide members with a FREE “Save-a-life” overdose rescue kit during routine inspections. The kits will also be available through numerous partners in law enforcement and other community-based organizations.


The overdose rescue kit is a small pouch with two doses of Narcan nasal spray and simple instructions.  The Narcan is easy to use by any layperson and is good for three years. If there is ever a need for replacement due to expiration or use, it will be provided for free as well.  The kits are being made available to every business and organization in Oneida County with the goal of making Narcan more widely available by placing it in as many public sites as possible.


You do not need to wait for the Health Department or one of the Task Force’s partners to reach out to you.  You can complete the brief form at: and a kit will be dropped off or mailed to you.


For more information on the campaign please visit:

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