In a heartwarming display of community support, NBT Bank branches have joined forces to assist The Neighborhood Center’s Child Care Center in maintaining a crucial supply of diapers and wipes for local working families in need. Recognizing the importance of ensuring basic necessities for children, the NBT Bank team has taken proactive steps to make a meaningful impact in the lives of families in their community.

Facing the ongoing challenge of the current economy, The Neighborhood Center’s Child Care Center has been under pressure to meet the needs of families relying on its services.  Understanding the vital role that access to these essentials plays in supporting working families, NBT Bank branches decided to take action.


Through a collaborative effort across multiple branches, NBT Bank employees organized a donation drive to collect diapers and wipes for The Neighborhood Center’s Child Care Center. Employees enthusiastically participated, demonstrating a shared commitment to giving back to their community. The response was overwhelming, with contributions pouring in to support this worthy cause. In addition to the diapers, wipes, bibs, and washcloths, the employees also raised $1000 in cash and purchased Target gift cards to allow the center to purchase items they need.

“We are deeply grateful to NBT Bank and its employees for their generosity and unwavering support,” expressed Sabrina Lamie, Director of Child Care and Family Services at The Neighborhood Center. “Before COVID, we had funding to maintain surplus supplies of diapers and wipes for families facing hardship. However, due to the escalating costs of these essentials, we’ve been unable to keep pace with the growing demand.”


The donations provided by NBT Bank will help ensure that The Neighborhood Center’s Child Care Center can continue to provide vital services to working families, alleviating financial burdens and promoting the well-being of children in the community.


The mission of The Neighborhood Center, Inc. is to enrich the lives of individuals and families through cooperative opportunities, resources and advocacy which embrace diversity, promote empowerment, and foster responsible citizenship.  Through its sustained pattern of activities that benefit children, families and the community since 1905, The Neighborhood Center, Inc. continues to advance in our enduring mission of truly “human” service.


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