October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), and as such, we are encouraging our employees, clients, vendors, friends, and family to take proactive steps to enhance personal and collective cybersecurity. NCSAM is a collaborative effort between government and industry to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and empowering the public to be safer and more secure online.


Throughout the month of October, we will be embracing the theme, Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart, by providing the resources necessary to educate you on how to #BeCyberSmart. Be sure to follow us on social media and watch our website to learn more about your role in online safety and the proactive steps you can take at work and at home to better protect yourself.


According to a study by the University of Maryland, hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day. If everyone does their part—implementing stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating vulnerable audiences or training employees—our interconnected world will be safer and more resilient for everyone.



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