On Friday, October 20, 2023, scientists from Masonic Medical Research Institute (MMRI) visited a first-grade classroom at Watson Williams Elementary School, Utica, New York, in honor of national chemistry week.

The scientists gave a lesson about carbon dioxide by demonstrating the reaction between dry ice and water. Soap and food coloring were also added to make the reaction more engaging.

“This was one of the first introductions to chemistry for many of our first graders and they absolutely loved it,” said Isabella Mancuso, teacher at Watson Williams Elementary School. “It was a great way to get them excited about science and maybe even become a scientist at MMRI someday.”

“This is MMRI’s first visit to an elementary school and it certainly won’t be the last!” said Millie Occhionero, director of marketing and communications at MMRI. “Our scientists really enjoy engaging with young minds in the community and we hope to do more of these visits in the future.”


To learn more about MMRI, visit mmri.edu.

Photo(s) attached: Students at Watson Williams Elementary School doing science experiment.