McGrogan Design has come forward to sponsor the purchase of 50% of the fitness equipment that will go into The Community at Sunset Wood’s brand-new Wellness Center slated to open this spring. The center will be outfitted with top-of-the-line Rogue Fitness equipment tailored to senior citizens and will be yet another tool in helping them stay physically fit to continue to fight off the negative effects from this virus. In addition, the equipment will simultaneously be used in Sunset Wood’s group strength class led by their Wellness Coordinator, Kendall Hicks II. The Wellness Center is slated to open on June 1, 2021.


“McGrogan Design has been a wonderful partner in our SW Wellness Program creation from the beginning,” Dominick M. Manfredo, Executive Director / CEO stated. “Ryan actually created the logo for our program, and it means so much to us that his company is willing to take things a step further by purchasing this high-end equipment for the tenants. The SW Wellness Program has grown so much over the course of this past year, and our community is so grateful for partnerships like this.”


“Physical and mental wellness are very important to Meghan and I, so when we heard of this opportunity to support the tenants at The Community at Sunset Wood, it was a no brainer for us!”  said Ryan McGrogan, owner of McGrogan Design. “Staying active is one of the best steps you can take to keep your mind and body healthy. We hope this equipment donation furthers the mission of the Wellness Center and is enjoyed for years to come.”


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The Community at Sunset Wood’s mission is to enable seniors to live independently in a secure community that enhances the quality of life. We do this by providing below market rate and market rate senior housing that is on average, much cheaper than our nearest competitor. In addition, we pride ourselves in promoting our “Aging-In-Place” model which encourages our tenants to utilize and/or bring in services that can keep them independent in their own home rather than moving to nursing care— in this case, smart home technology. For more information on our community please visit or call 315-733-1389.


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