“You think you had a rough year? I’m just a kid. There’s so much craziness going on. And I was alone. I am dealing with this messed up world, and MY messed up world. And some days, I’m not ok. But, I have hope. I know that I’m safe right now. The people at The House of the Good Shepherd help me make sense of it all. Every single day. I know it will be ok. And yeah, maybe I’m just a kid. But I’m the future.” – Marshall, 14

Our world continues to change during these uncertain times. Your constant support for the children and families at The House of the Good Shepherd is appreciated. The need continues to grow as nearly 600 local children count on you to provide a guiding light to a path of solace and safety.

The House incurred upwards of $250,000 in COVID-19 related expenses. Your gift makes it possible to continue providing the highest standard of care to assist children and families in need. Domestic violence and child abuse in our community is increasing, and unfortunately, we are busier than ever before.

Our fundraising goal of $150,000 will assist with COVID-related expenses and enhance vital programs, education, treatment, and provide food and shelter. We are grateful to have an invested friend like you who understands how important our partnership is and how it will enrich children’s and families’ lives.

Please give today to help children facing extreme uncertainty and provide struggling families with the care they deserve. Visit ChangingChildrensLives.com.

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