Usherwood Office Technology is proud to announce the expansion of its mailing division with its enhanced relationship with Franco Postalia (FP-USA). Usherwood is the largest family owned office technology provider based in North East. We are also a premier provider for such leading manufacturers in the office technology industry such as Canon, Xerox, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Polycom and Samsung to name just a few. We are the professionals for Production Printers, Office Printers, Scanners and Multi-Functions Devices along with Network Support, Video Systems, Communications Systems and Security Cameras.

If you are tired of your current Mailing Equipment provider ignoring or overcharging you, we have a solution. Usherwood and FP-USA offers a wide range of solutions to provide the best solutions in the market today. FP-USA is the only mailing machine company with a growing postage meter base in the United States. FP-USA has the latest most current technology to offer you in the market today. From a single machine to consolidated control of multiples, we have the answers.

We are a premier provider of:

Mailing Machines

Folder Inserters

Addressing Systems

Color Envelope Printers

Stand Alone Folders

USPS Package Shipping Systems UPS/FEDEX/USPS Package Systems Various Mailing Support Software Letter Openers

Receiving Systems


Usherwood designs, integrates and offers support for them all! We will provide you with local factory train service professional. Our customer service and support center (TAC) is based in Syracuse New York enables us to provide you with a one hour call back and four hour on site service, should the need arise

We would sincerely like the opportunity to show you and your company, firsthand, and how Usherwood is NOT like any mailing equipment solutions provider you have ever seen before!

We will promise you the help to manage your mail processing equipment needs, so you can get back to running your business! Usherwood will not treat you like the other guy.

I look forward to speaking with you in the near future!

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