Following Brain Injury, Artist Rediscovers The World Through a Child’s Eyes

Introducing Find Wonder in the Ordinary, A kids book for adults


Local Author Bernie Freytag will be sharing the proceeds of his book Find Wonder in the Ordinary, a Kids Book for Adults, with Stevens-Swan Humane Society. For every book purchased, $5 will go to help local animals in need. Bernie is a dog lover, and has adopted several amazing rescue dogs. As a child, his family always had a family dog, including a few rescued from Stevens-Swan. Helping animals, and being helped by them, has always been in Bernie’s blood.


“Find Wonder in the Ordinary is influenced by my rescue dogs as much as it is about my experiences, nature and the wonder of our world,” Bernie says. “I’m hopeful that by sharing proceeds with this amazing organization, others will be able to share in the uncompromising love of a rescue animal.”


Visit to find places where you can purchase the book and help Stevens-Swan Humane Society.


Wondering what a kid’s book for adults could be?

It’s all about wonder. It’s a sense of wonder that keeps us young. It’s a sense of wonder that drives the creative process. More importantly, it’s a sense of wonder that helps us each greet every day’s dawn as a chance to begin anew. As we get older, many of us lose that sense of wonder. Find Wonder in the Ordinary is an exploration of how we can regain that sense of wonder we had as children. Clouds, fireflies, and spider webs can again be a reason to pause, reflect, and smile. The ordinary can be extraordinary once again, if only we take the time to find the wonder and grandeur in the world’s simplest marvels.


Find Wonder in the Ordinary, the book.

This book is an eclectic collection of musings, life lessons, and silly drawings. Through the author’s writings and whimsical drawings, we are reminded to find wonder within the ordinary…and beyond. The book is a guide, or as the author likes to say, “It’s more like a drinking buddy.” Think of it as a companion who helps provide perspective, and changes how you see the world.


Through Bernie’s observations and illustrations, we see how the creative mind works, and how all inspiration is ultimately drawn from the wonder found in everyday life. It is by viewing the ordinary through the artist’s prism that we can all find the wisdom and wonder of a child.


Find Wonder in the Ordinary is a result not only of his long recovery, but of Bernie’s many subsequent adventures in Boston, Upstate New York, the Adirondacks, and his travel abroad. All these adventures impacted him in a much different way since he began viewing the world through a child’s eyes.


About the Author

Bernie Freytag has been creating art since a very young age, mostly through illustration and design. He currently is the Creative Director at Romanelli Communications in Clinton, NY/Boston, MA. He has also conjured up many cartoons over the years, most of which have been respectfully rejected by The New Yorker magazine. Bernie lives simply, on a remote hill in Sangerfield, NY with his dog (not unlike the Grinch, but without all the animosity).

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