Living at home, not in a home.

Choice. Independence. Safety.


Independent Living Centers (ILCs) Across NYS Launch Campaign to Raise Awareness of the Need for NYS to Transition Away From Nursing Home Placement and Shift to A Greater Focus on Independent Living


The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated problems that have existed in New York’s nursing homes for years, including understaffing and poor infection control, which has led to over 7,000 deaths to date during the pandemic. A new statewide advertising, public relations and grassroots campaign has been launched to make sure that New Yorkers are aware that there are considerable options to help them live safely at home, rather than nursing homes or group homes. The Resource Center for Independent Living (RCIL) is an active participant in the campaign.


“New Yorkers need to know that there are a variety of supports and services that can help them live at home. We’ve witnessed during the pandemic how dangerous nursing homes can be, and there is no reason people need to end up in a nursing home,” said Lindsay Miller, executive director of the New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL).


“Independent Living Centers, like RCIL, provide the vital services and supports that are required to help seniors and individuals with disabilities remain living in their own homes and communities, as well helping individuals safely move out of nursing homes and other long term care institutions and back into the community. RCIL is committed to ensuring that the rights of individuals with disabilities are respected, and that includes their rights to independence; making their own choices and choosing where they want to live”, said RCIL CEO Zvia McCormick.


Over the last 20 years, the work of New York’s Independent Living Centers to transition and divert people with disabilities from institutional placements and into their own homes has saved New York State more than $2.5 billion, according to the New York State Education Department ACCES-VR.


“We should be investing in choices that keep New Yorkers independent and safe,” said Miller. “These are scary times for all of us and we need to make better choices for the sake of our family members and neighbors.”


Independent Living Centers need resources to continue helping people safely move out of nursing homes and other institutions. Their lives may depend on it. Find more information and join us in urging Governor Cuomo to invest in Independent Living by visiting

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