Get ready for the biggest musical party of the year as Lite 98.7 (WLZW) transforms into the ultimate Taylor Swift haven on Sunday, February 11th, from Noon to 7 PM. Lite 98.7 is proud to announce an exclusive commercial-free broadcast dedicated entirely to the world’s largest pop sensation, Taylor Swift.

Listeners across Upstate New York, or worldwide online, are invited to join Lite 98.7 for an immersive experience featuring seven hours of continuous Taylor Swift hits, rarities, album cuts, as well as captivating stories behind the music.

“We are excited to be your soundtrack on February 11th with the world’s largest star.” says Dave Wheeler, Brand Manager and morning host of Lite 98.7. “As the brand manager of Lite 98.7 (Taylors Version), I’m excited to personally deliver this love letter to all of our Swifties of all Eras who listen to us every day.”

Lite 98.7 has curated an exceptional playlist, encompassing Taylor Swift’s chart-topping singles, fan favorites, and hidden gems. From the infectious energy of “Shake It Off” to the emotional depth of “All Too Well,” this marathon broadcast is set to showcase the versatility and timeless appeal of Taylor Swift’s extensive discography.

“With last night’s bombshell announcement of Taylor releasing a new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ in April, and the immediate response across all social media platforms, it’s obvious our audience can’t get enough of Taylor Swift.” says Jon Hyde, Director of Content. “What better time to celebrate her music than in conjunction with her rookie appearance in a championship game. Let’s give them more of what they want.””

The radio station encourages Swifties and music enthusiasts to participate actively by sending in their song requests and audio messages on the Lite 98.7 station app. From someone else being the reason for the teardrops on your guitar, to finding yourself as the anti-hero of your own cruel summer, Lite 98.7 aims to make this event a truly interactive and memorable experience for the community.

“It all happens Sunday February 11th from Noon – 7” says Wheeler. “It’s all Taylor, all eras, taking you right to kickoff.”

For more information, contact:

Dave Wheeler

Brand Manager and Morning Host of Lite 98.7