As many are already aware, the Chamber has been implementing a brand new Membership Structure for 2020.  When it is time for your renewal, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your membership based on your needs.   Part of our new structure includes a change in our Member Mentions benefit, which will become effective upon your membership renewal.  For example, if your renewal is not until September, your benefits remain unchanged until that time.  You can check out the new structure here:

Based on the frequency that Member Mentions are sent out, they have the potential to make thousands of impressions over the course of a year to our subscribers, and the list of subscribers continues to grow.  It has truly been quite a popular benefit over the years and we know for some members, it’s a big part of their marketing strategy.  We wanted to continue to have it available as a benefit, however producing them every week represents a considerable cost to the Chamber.

The Chamber operates solely on funding provided by memberships and revenue generated by our many special events throughout the year and we have an extremely limited staff.  Therefore, after careful consideration, and an analysis of the time and resultant cost to produce Member Mentions every week, we have found it to be cost-prohibitive for us to continue including this benefit in all membership levels.   Under the new structure, Member Mentions will only be included in the Marketing Level Membership and all Investor Level Memberships.  For the Basic and Access Membership Levels, Member Mentions will still be available to utilize for a fee.

Remember, this change won’t take effect until your membership renewal.  You will receive an invoice for your renewal at which time you can decide whether or not you’d like to have Member Mentions as part of the membership level you choose, or to utilize them on an a la carte basis.  We encourage you to take a few minutes to review the new structure so that when the time comes, you can be prepared and informed to make a decision on your renewal.

For members who have already renewed at the Basic or Access level, the Chamber has made a temporary exception to include mentions that relate to COVID-19 for all levels of membership in an effort to offer extra support during this very difficult time.  We will allow this extension through April 30th.  On May 1st, Basic or Access level members will still be able to purchase Member Mentions, or upgrade their membership level.

Again, we recognize that for some of our members this is a very significant change.  We hope you understand that this decision was not reached easily, but out of necessity.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you’re not on our mailing list or receiving Member Mentions, please click here to sign up.