Home Sweet Home Cleaning and Gardening LLC introduces our, “Flex” home program!  We figured, what better way than to honor our heroic community members, than by offering a highly discounted cleaning rate. This program is designed for first responders, educators, and medical professionals.  We clean homes at 40% off our typical rates.  This includes all areas we service, Oneida, Onondaga, and Madison counties.  Keep in mind, we do both residential and commercial cleaning!


Flexible homes serve as a mutually beneficial relationship.  Clients must be flexible with scheduling, as it is an opportunity to provide on-the-job training to our staff as well as fill schedule gaps.  Meaning, you will have a regular appointment time, but from time to time we may request an alternative.


If you or anyone you know is interested, please set up a consultation!  Find the direct link here! https://linktr.ee/cnyhomesweethome.   You can also call our office and mention, “FLEX.” at 315-520-0118 with any questions you may have!




We have teamed up with a national nonprofit; Cleaning For a Reason. In doing so, we provide free home cleaning services to cancer patients.  Having a clean home has a large impact on a cancer patient’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


After having witnessed her own mother battle cancer, Owner/Founder of HSH, Heather Loveland-Button understands the hardship that cancer brings to patients and their families.


Not only is HSH providing FREE home cleaning to cancer patients, we have also started a Fundraising Campaign to raise 10,000 for Cleaning For a Reason. This campaign will guarantee us to reach those in need and to fulfill our mission. Together, Home Sweet Home and Cleaning For a Reason is making a greater impact on our community.







Please, if you are interested, or someone you know is in need of these services, go to the link we provided above!  Patients, family and caretakers can all fill out the form.  Also, if you would like to support, consider donating to our campaign.  You can find that direct link there as well!  100% of donations go to Cleaning For A Reason and are tax deductible.



*Both of these programs are on going!  Please help spread the word, we want to help our community members as much as we can!

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