The Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) focused their latest Member Spotlight on Bassett Healthcare Network’s School-Based Health Program in an article and video on the organization’s website.

 As stated on HANYS’ website: “In rural central New York, many children live at or below the poverty level in communities where healthcare is not available. Children are among those least likely to receive routine healthcare and be insured, and most likely to require emergency medical services. Recognizing this gap in healthcare, Bassett Healthcare Network established its School-Based Health program, the largest rural program of its kind in New York state.”

 The article features video interviews with Dr. Chris Kjolhede, MD, MPH, Co-Director of Bassett’s School-Based Health Program, and Jane Hamilton, RN, Manager of Bassett’s School-Based Health Program.

Bassett’s School-Based Health Program has 22 sites in 18 school districts across four counties. In December 2023, the program expanded with the opening of its 22nd site at the Cherry Valley – Springfield Central School. The program ensures easy access within schools to high-quality healthcare services for students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. School-Based Health program services are available to all students regardless of income. More than 7,000 children are enrolled across the system.


Services provided by Bassett’s School-Based Health centers include:


• Comprehensive physical examinations


• Acute care with diagnosis and treatment of common childhood illnesses


• Chronic care, for more long-term health problems, such as asthma, depression, and obesity


• Preventive and restorative dental services


• Mental health services


“Raising awareness of the uniquely valuable contributions that Bassett’s School-Based Health program makes to the well-being of children in our service area is important,” said Dr. William Fredette, Co-Director of Bassett’s School-Based Health program, Senior Attending Physician at FoxCare Pediatrics in Oneonta. “I cannot emphasize enough how valuable these services are to the students we serve. We greatly appreciate the spotlight that HANYS has shone on the program.”


View the video and read HANYS’ Member Spotlight here.