A $71,000 donation by the Griffin Charitable Foundation, based in Rome, New York, was awarded to the Masonic Medical Research Institute (MMRI) to purchase a new state-of-the-art microscope for imaging cells. “It came as wonderful news that the Foundation pledged this generous donation,” said Stephen F. Izzo, MMRI’s Development Director. “This gift will make a profound impact on our research capabilities.”

The Griffin Charitable Foundation supports not-for-profit entities serving Rome and select organizations in surrounding communities. The Griffin family has been a pillar in Central New York for over a century through their company, Varflex Corporation, a global leader in manufacturing electrical insulated sleeving. Family members each had their own private charitable foundations and a long history of philanthropy. The Griffin Charitable Foundation was established in 2019 following the passing of siblings Dorothy G. Griffin and William (Bill) Griffin.

According to Griffin Charitable Foundation President, Daniel Burgdorf, “While we maintain the Griffin family legacy of supporting healthcare, it is rare that we support research. So often our work helps with more immediate needs. But with this gift, we are looking at impacting the greater community for generations to come. Many people we all know today would not be alive if not for the work of the Masonic Medical Research Institute.”

The work of MMRI not only helps people around the world through advances in medical science, but the Institute also strengthens the local community. The MMRI team is proud to bring good jobs and families to Mohawk Valley and even spur economic stimulation with each new study and innovation made at the MMRI labs. This has a significant spillover effect on the local economy, increases the region’s human capital, and complements several other industries, including education, health care, and small businesses.

The MMRI team wishes to thank their neighbors at the Griffin Charitable Foundation for helping to strengthen the heart of New York.

Dorothy G. Griffin

William (Bill) Griffin

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