What is the GreenUtica Garden Tour?

The GreenUtica Garden Tour is a walking/driving tour of home and business gardens or floral displays in Utica on Saturday, September 9 from 10am to 3pm. This will be our third annual tour. Currently, the garden clusters are in the Downtown Utica, East Utica, and South Utica neighborhoods. Attendees pick up maps at either the Utica Public Library at 303 Genesee Street, Utica or the GreenUtica office at 1641 Genesee Street and can start the tour from either location. Typically, people drive to a starting point, walk to the neighborhood tour stops, then drive to another neighborhood.

What do we ask of our gardeners?

As a garden stop, we simply ask permission to place a Tour Sign on your lawn, include it on our map, and open your yard to tour attendees on Saturday, September 9 from 10am to 3pm. Some gardeners like to greet tour participants and talk about their gardens. Others simply open their yard to people and let them view on their own. You can register at greenutica.org/gardentour.

What is GreenUtica

GreenUtica (formerly the CNY Conservancy) is now hosting the event. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission of creating programs and events that enable us to lead the preservation and beautification of Utica’s parks and natural environment. We have a 20-year history of preserving and maintaining parks in Utica, planting and maintaining the flowers on the Memorial Parkway, and planting trees.

What are the event goals?

Our short-term goal is to celebrate the art of gardening while creating enthusiasm for the hobby. Our longer-term goal is to teach people how to garden, celebrate our city, attract tourism, and increase civic pride—all resulting in enhancing quality of life in Utica. We believe in the mental and physical benefits of gardening, the benefits of growing trees, flowers, and one’s own food, and the positive impact that gardening has on our environment. Now in its third year, and we are building on the success of the past 2 years with a goal of increasing our garden tours from 75 home and business gardens to 100.

How do you register your garden?

For information, contact Gina Pearce at 315/794-4792 or gpearce@greenutica.org or Mischael McKenna at 315/790-5500 or mischael6839@gmail.com. To register visit our website at greenutica.org and click on Garden Tour or call and ask us to mail you a form. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to tell your gardener friends and neighbors.

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