Local Credit Union, Championing Generations, Partnerships, and Opportunities, Surpasses $500 Million Milestone in Assets


GPO Federal Credit Union, a community-focused financial institution dedicated to fostering generations, nurturing partnerships, and creating opportunities, proudly announces the achievement of a significant milestone: surpassing $500 million in assets. Since its inception, GPO has remained steadfast in its commitment to serving the diverse needs of its members while upholding the values of inclusivity, integrity, and innovation. With a vision to support individuals and businesses across generations, the credit union has worked tirelessly to provide tailored financial solutions and personalized service. Reaching the $500 million mark in assets underscores the trust and confidence bestowed upon GPO by its members and the community it serves. Through strategic planning, prudent financial management, and unwavering dedication, the credit union has demonstrated its ability to grow sustainably while staying true to its mission.


For more information about GPO and its services, please visit gpofcu.com