Strong financial well-being contributes to the local economy and the quality of life in our community. With a culture that relies heavily on credit and debt, we tend to lose sight of the value that money really holds. GPO’s Financial Literacy Workshops educate everyone from preschoolers to seniors, including local employer groups and their employees, by establishing healthy financial habits they can practice for a lifetime.


GPO is more than just another financial institution.  We believe in banking that grows our local community, so we offer these workshops at no cost!  Workshops are available in-person or virtual and both options can be munch and learns.


If you would like more information or are interested in scheduling a workshop contact Alycia Schick at (315)724-1654 ext. 2927 or email


For a complete list of topics, please visit If you don’t see a topic we will work with you to customize a financial workshop to fit your needs.  Let’s create amazing learning opportunities together!

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