Free Video Conferencing & Phone Software to Help Local Businesses Equip New Remote Workers


In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, many local businesses are seeking out technology options to enable their employees to work from home. Northland Communications is increasing its network bandwidth as well as offering free video conferencing and phone software to help local businesses equip their new remote workers.


“We want local businesses to know that we’re here to help,” said Jim McCarthy, president of Northland Communications. “Right now, our focus is to help our customers leverage their technology, share best practices, and provide technology, tools, and resources to help businesses adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic as best as they can.”


In addition to increasing network bandwidth to support customers working remotely, Northland is offering free video conferencing and phone software, Accession, to help ease the transition pain for businesses looking to implement remote-work options for their employees.


Cloud-based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems, like Northland’s Accession software, enable employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Accession allows users’ computers and mobile devices to become an extension of their desk phone. The applications offer teleworking features like video and audio conferencing, instant messaging, Outlook integration, screen sharing, group collaboration tools and much more.


New customers as well as current Northland customers who need to expand their services are eligible to receive Accession Meeting (video conferencing) and Accession Communicator (soft-phone) at no cost through June 30, 2020. This offer is available for all businesses in Central New York and surrounding areas and has been made possible by our partners at Metaswitch. No contract is required.


“In this time of uncertainty, we hope our local business partners will lean on us to help them navigate these uncharted waters,” said McCarthy. “We have a responsibility to our customers and community to offer technical solutions and help them address challenges they’re facing during this crisis and beyond.”


For help implementing a plan to support remote workers, call us at (315) 624-2216. For more information or to take advantage of our free software-based phone and video conferencing offer, visit

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