The Fort Schuyler Club, situated in the heart of downtown Utica, proudly celebrates 140 years as the area’s unparalleled private city club. In honor of this significant milestone and to enhance the member experience, the Club launches its new website, inviting members, guests, and prospective members to explore its rich history, amenities, and membership opportunities at


Established in 1883, the Fort Schuyler Club has stood as the area’s exclusive private city club, fostering a legacy steeped in prestige and tradition. Offering a unique ambiance for events, meetings, and leisure activities, the Club has consistently provided its esteemed members and their guests with the highest levels of service and culinary excellence.


“It is amazing that we can celebrate our legacy of 140 years as a historical landmark and cornerstone of Utica’s history,” remarked Darcy Stevenson, Manager at the Club. “Our commitment to exceptional service, elegance, and community continues to define our identity.”


Renowned for its exquisite chef-prepared cuisine rivaling major city clubs, the Fort Schuyler Club promises a dining experience that caters to the most discerning palates. Members and their guests enjoy numerous benefits, including regular events, parties, lectures, personalized service, networking opportunities, professional growth avenues, and an ideal venue for corporate events, philanthropic gatherings, and special occasions.


The Fort Schuyler Club offers various membership categories to individuals over the age of twenty-one. Categories are based on age and residence, ensuring a tailored experience for each member. With an abundance of amenities, multiple meeting and dining rooms, a billiards and cardroom, and a grand ballroom, the Club provides abundant opportunities for personal and professional endeavors. Those interested in joining are encouraged to complete the membership application online or contact the Club office at 315-797-0170 for further details.


As the Fort Schuyler Club celebrates its remarkable 140-year legacy, the launch of the new website stands as a testament to its commitment to progress, excellence, tradition, and hospitality. The website will enable members and non-members to access club information, explore its history, tour the club and rooms, view upcoming events, and more.


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