On February 29th (Leap Day), First Source Federal Credit Union will be participating in a “Leap of Kindness Day.” Leap of Kindness Day aims to inspire folks all around the world to use their extra day as a gift to do something kind for someone else. First Source has pledged to participate by organizing “Socks for Seniors” where we will be collecting non-slip socks for local nursing homes. Non-slip socks are especially important for seniors who suffer from conditions like arthritis, neuropathy, or balance issues. These conditions can make it harder for them to keep their footing, which can lead to falls. The socks help to keep them warm as well!
Beginning February 20th there will be collection boxes in each of our 6 branch locations, as well as an option to purchase from our Amazon wish list and have the item delivered directly to First Source. Socks donated in boxes and through Amazon will be collected on March 1st and delivered to local nursing homes.
We hope that you will join us and take the leap, spreading the word to your family and friends to join us for this kindness campaign! It’s a simple but effective way to help a senior avoid falls and show an act of kindness, just by purchasing a pair of non-slip socks. They are a small investment that can make a significant difference in keeping seniors safe and warm.
You can shop our amazon link here:
For more information, please contact Pam Way, at pway@fsource.org or 315-735-8571.