VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol refers to a digital, cloud-based phone service. Using VoIP technology will allow your business to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. Why is VoIP so popular? Because not only does it provide flexibility and scalability, adding and removing phone lines as needed, but it can also save your business money.

With VoIP, you will have the same messaging features that you are familiar with, such as voicemail, conference calls and call forwarding. In addition, if your business is spread out over multiple locations, using VoIP you only need to dial an extension to reach a co-worker at any office.

To utilize VoIP, all your business requires is a reliable high-speed Internet connection and a digital phone. Interesting in learning more about VoIP? CTI offers a variety of different purchasing options including contracts with no upfront costs or you can purchase the digital phones outright from CTI. We’re here to find the best solution for your specific business needs. Contact CTI at 315-733-0854 or email megan@caprarotechnologies.com today!