Who was monkeying around before charging up for the weekend? We were!

Utica Zoo visit playground

Pictured left to right: Kyla Jacobs, Operations Manager Utica Zoo, Kari Puleo, Executive Director, Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce, Andria Heath, Executive Director Utica Zoo, Angela Militello, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce.

Our Chamber staff has decided to get out of the office and visit our members a bit more. Last Friday, we stopped by the Utica Zoo and then at New York Power Authority’s Energy Zone.

The Utica Zoo is doing some spring cleaning after a long winter and getting ready for some fun and exciting new features! Andria Heath, Executive Director, and Kyla Jacobs, Operations Manager, joined us in front of the new playground for kids to talk about the historic lion head drinking fountain, a new bounce mattress (ready by Memorial Day!), and a brand new visitor’s center! They are also excited to welcome some new animals that will be announced soon. We are so fortunate to live in a city that has a zoo that is constantly evolving and updating. The Utica Zoo is a must-see for families of all sizes!

Visit https://www.uticazoo.org/ for more information.





Kari Puleo with Joseph Caruso and Angela Militello


The fun didn’t stop there! Right outside the entrance to the zoo, New York Power Authority recently opened the John S. Dyson New York Energy Zone! This educational and electrifying museum includes interactive exhibits, activities, a 3-D movie, and best of all a knowledgeable and friendly staff to guide you through this experience. Joseph Caruso, Manager of Community Affairs, led us through the exhibit explaining the interactive features and introducing us to one waiting staff member in a white lab coat after another who encouraged us to play each game. It became quite competitive as Angela and Sean battled for the top spot! Angela won.

If you haven’t visited this family-friendly (and adult-friendly) spot yet, do it! Visit https://www.nypa.gov/communities/visitors-centers/ny-energy-zone for more information.



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