Who would’ve thought on January 1, 2020 that this year would bring so many challenges? COVID-19 took us by storm unexpectedly, but as a community we were able to fight back by remaining malleable in our lifestyles in order to protect all of us as a whole. I am proud of where we are today, but excited for where we will be in the future.

Even though I believe we did everything in our power to provide each tenant with a safe and high quality environment to live in, I can also admit where we could’ve done better – especially if we had more infrastructure & programs set-up prior to the virus hitting our country so hard in March. For example:
– With family members unable to visit, I believe Sunset Wood can do a better job providing tenants with technology & digital connectivity capabilities in the future
– Food is extremely important when thinking of how to stay healthy for the long-term. Receiving proper nutrition will paint the picture of your independence for many years to come. This is why I believe we can offer more meals to those who did not receive them in the past.

With these two points being said, I have spoken with our internal leadership team, and our Board of Directors about how we can do better in both of these arenas. Therefore, we are moving forward with two new projects:
1) This Fall, The Community at Sunset Wood will be partnering with two (2) local technology companies (CCNY Tech & Northland Communications) to install building-wide high-speed fiber optic internet for ALL tenants & guests to use. This means that once our building is set-up, those with Spectrum WiFi will be able to cancel their service and move to our internal system which will be FASTER and MORE SECURE than any other network. For those who do not have the internet, this service will be available to them and their guests whenever they would like. This gives our tenants the opportunity to utilize new technology, caption call phones, Netflix/Hulu streaming, and unlimited access to the internet! The project is set to start in October.
2) We will be upgrading all Penthouse unit meal plans from ten (10) dinners per month, to dinner EVERY NIGHT for one individual. For those who have 2 occupants, they will be able to split the meals for each month as they see fit. As a second person, you will be able to purchase additional dinners for $12.50 per meal if you choose OR sign-up for an OPTIONAL 2nd person meal package for $320 per month ($10.50 per meal). The additional meals alone are a value of $250 per month! This change will be effective October 1, 2020.

Both of these additions will set-up our community to remain the most affordable senior independent living community not only in this area, but also in the state. Most of all, it will support our mission of enabling seniors to live independently in a secure community that enhances the quality of life.

To learn more about our community please visit www.sunsetwood.org

Stay safe & healthy,

Dominick M. Manfredo, Executive Director / CEO

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