The Community at Sunset Wood has partnered with Divine Development & Leadership Group LLC President and Founder, Rev. Carol D. Jubenville to start a new exercise program called “Pound Your Way to Fitness,” a senior-friendly version of the popular POUND classes. Pound-style classes are a form of group fitness that adds drumming to traditional cardio and strength moves. This type of drumming class is widely known for helping the mind and body work together to improve cognitive function while participating in a music-driven social atmosphere.


Divine Development & Leadership Group has generously sponsored the start-up of this program by purchasing the equipment necessary for the class to take place. As a company who feels it is important to advocate for senior independence both physically and spiritually, Rev. Jubenville is excited to be a part of this new start up program in conjunction with The Community at Sunset Wood and their mission to encourage and enhance independence throughout one’s lifetime.   Drumming inspired classes have been proven to lower stress levels, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, and combat chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue. In addition, it is a way that senior citizens can improve motor skills through rhythm, timing and coordination.

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The Community at Sunset Wood’s mission is to enable seniors to live independently in a secure community that enhances the quality of life. We do this by providing below market rate and market rate senior housing that is on average, much cheaper than our nearest competitor. In addition, we pride ourselves in promoting our “Aging-In-Place” model which encourages our tenants to utilize and/or bring in services that can keep them independent in their own home rather than moving to nursing care— in this case, smart home technology. For more information on our community please visit or call 315-733-1389.

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