Did you know that the Red Cross estimates that 40% of businesses shut down by a natural disaster never reopen? The top two reasons are (1) the company has no disaster plan to guide their actions under extreme duress after the disaster; and (2) there’s no effective data backup.


So what is a disaster plan? A disaster recovery plan is a documented, structured approach with instructions for responding to unplanned incidents. This step-by-step plan consists of the precautions to minimize the effects of a disaster so the organization can continue to operate or quickly resume necessary functions. CTI can provide a risk assessment specific to your industry as well as develop policies and procedures to meet your industry’s specific requirements ensuring you are prepared in the event of a disaster.


When it comes to data backup, protect your data in CTI’s state-of-the-art data center, with backup generators and fault tolerant servers, providing a high probability of data availability.  Storage Area Networks (SAN) and System Replications will backup your data to CTI’s data center on a scheduled basis, depending on your business needs. This is a cost-effective solution for your business as long as you have an Internet connection. Also should your facility become unusable, with disaster recovery, CTI can get you up and running with minimal downtime, should that be in a secondary location(s) or in CTI’s office.


Whether you’re looking for a new disaster recovery plan or strengthen the one you already have, CTI can help you improve your ability to respond and recover from disruptive events and refine your strategy for IT recovery. Also while data loss can have  a debilitating effect on a business, good continuity and recovery planning can ensure that the impact from the most severe failure, can result in minimal disruption.


Call us at 315-733-0854 for more information on how we can develop a disaster recovery plan for your company, so that you won’t be part of the 40% of your reckless competitors.

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