In partnership with the New York State Office of New Americans (ONA) and the New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, the Workforce Development Board’s NY Systems Change and Inclusive Opportunities Network (SCION) Grant is sponsoring a free webinar to help educate the public about how the ONA helps new Americans navigate a variety of free services. The webinar will be of particular benefit to workforce professionals who work with new Americans with developmental disabilities.


“The upcoming webinar will have invaluable resources for New Americans, their service providers, families and communities,” says the Workforce Development Board’s Disability Resource Coordinator Nicole Sortino. “The webinar will provide an introduction to the Ramirez June Initiative, which focuses on early intervention services and resources for people with disabilities. There will also be information on a free mobile device learning program that assists people in their path to fluency in the English language. For employers looking to provide free resources to their employees, giving them a free option to learn the language will encourage career pathways and personal and professional growth. Register today to reserve your spot!”


Webinar Topics Include:

  • ONA Ramirez June Initiative, which is a first of its kind in the nation initiative that builds capacity to support new Americans with developmental disabilities and their families in accessing vital resources, information, and services.
  • ONA’s Cell-ED program, a free mobile device English learning program that provides mobile-first pathways for people to acquire essential skills quickly and easily – especially in resource constrained environments. Learners simply listen to lessons across any device – even a basic phone, no internet connection or costly data plan needed.

Contact Nicole Sortino for more details: 315-207-6951 ext. 139 or

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