Approved February 17, 2021 – Revised March 9, 2021


WHEREAS, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued executive orders in response to the Covid 19 virus outbreak that altered or suspended numerous existing laws within the State of New York; and

WHEREAS, these extraordinary measures included an order to place elderly citizens stricken with the Covid virus into nursing homes that were not equipped to treat such patients; and

WHEREAS,  it is now clear that the Cuomo administration refused to comply with requests and hand over information about COVID-19 in nursing homes to state legislators, deliberately misled the federal government and the residents of New York State in an attempt to cover up the results his policy decision that directly led to as many as 13,000 Covid fatalities in nursing homes; and

WHEREAS,  the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce has recently gone on record requesting that the State Legislature revoke the authority it granted to the Governor to issue emergency executive orders related to the Covid pandemic;  and

WHEREAS,  the State Legislature instead voted last week to extend the Governor’s authority to continue renewing his existing executive orders related to Covid lockdowns, rather than such authority sunsetting on April 30 as originally granted by the Legislature; and

WHEREAS,  Governor Andrew Cuomo is now embroiled in additional controversies related to personal misconduct as alleged by at least five different individuals,  and

WHEREAS,  both the Governor and the Legislature are now spending an inordinate amount of time investigating and dealing with the Governor’s professional and personal misconduct, which is drawing much needed attention away from the State’s business;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce reiterates its support for and requests the complete and immediate revocation of the Governor’s emergency authority to issue executive orders;  and it further urges the removal of Governor Andrew Cuomo through either a voluntary resignation or impeachment so that State government can  refocus on the opening and rebuilding the state’s economy.