A new cohort of 72 students are excited to be paired with a mentor for the upcoming Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program! There is a special need for male mentors.  If you are interested in becoming a mentor or have questions regarding mentoring please contact Linda Stewart, Mentor Coordinator for Young Scholars LPP at Utica University either via email at lbstewart@utica.edu or via phone at 315-360-7061

Read what one Mentor shared about his experience:


“Mentors provide our Young Scholars opportunities to extend their education beyond the classroom. I have mentored many young men over the years engaging in various activities which have served to enhance their understanding of the world outside of school or home. There are few things more memorable than witnessing a young man who just caught his first fish or was just released down a zipline. As satisfying to me was engaging in activities such as mountain biking, hiking, playing chess, going to a professional sporting event, a concert, or simply eating out at one of Utica’s great restaurants. Young men need positive role models to look up to. This role model could be you! It is as simple as including a mentee in the life YOU live for only a few hours per month.

I just recently had a past mentee come over to my home on his 21st birthday. We celebrated and engaged in conversation.  It is as if I was gifted with an additional son. It’s a win/win for all of us!”

David Jones, Mentor

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