The Fort Schuyler Trading Company is offering a 10% discount on all Buckwheat Pillows from 2/12/20 thru 2/19/20.

Buckwheat hull pillows have several advantages over synthetic foam and feather pillows. They help reduce nighttime allergies, prevent overheating, provide better support and improve sleep quality over traditional pillows.

Buckwheat hulls are hypoallergenic and if kept dry will not provide a suitable habitat for mold or insects. In addition, they are very durable and do not conduct or reflect heat as much as synthetic upholstery fills and they are an excellent substitute to feathers for people with allergies. However, a very small percentage of the population will have an allergic reaction when exposed to buckwheat flour; these people may have problems with buckwheat pillows and should avoid using them.

Buckwheat hull pillows are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They will not cause the overheating common with petroleum based foam pillows. The loose buckwheat hulls in the pillow shift to conform to your shape. They provide exceptional support to side, stomach and back sleepers.

Fort Schuyler Trading Company
North Utica Shopping Center
Utica, N.Y. 13502-2326


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