Broadway Utica is proud to announce that they will be kicking off their season in January 2021. The curtain will rise again and is worth the wait. It is extremely important to Broadway Utica to provide the most safest and entertaining environment. We owe it to our patrons, our staff, and of course the entertainers themselves. We are working closing with production managers, tours, and technical directors to coordinate all moving parts.

“Our patrons’ safety is and always will be our number one priority. If that means starting our season later and taking proper safety measures, then that is what Broadway Utica will do. Ideally, we start our season in the fall because that is our tradition, and this year it was not an option. We are all looking forward to the day when we are all together again enjoying one of a kind performances!”, says Danielle Padula, Executive Director at Broadway Utica.

Meanwhile, Broadway Utica is working on renewals for subscribers for the 2021 season, accepting seat change requests, and ironing out details for upcoming shows. New this year, we are making it easier than ever to renew your subscription with 4 easy payments, making it possible for everyone to keep the love of the arts as part of their lifestyle. We are excited to offer this to current subscribers and new subscribers Renewals will be processed all summer and you can save your spot to become a new member of Broadway Utica now. If you are interested in being a subscriber visit for more information. All new request will be processed in August 2020.

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