Four Beer Company CEOs walk into Five Points Pub. The CEO of Budwiser orders a bottle of Bud Light. The CEO of Coors orders a Silver Bullet. The CEO of Miller orders a bottle of Miller Genuine Draft. The CEO of Guinness orders Diet Coke with no ice. They turn around and ask him why he ordered Coke. He responds, “If nobody else is drinking beer, I didn’t want to be the only one!”

What’s the big deal about pouring a pint of Guinness you ask?

For those who pour pints, being able to pour a PERFECT PINT of Guinness is a point of pride. Invitations have gone out to over 60 establishments across Central NY that serve Guinness on tap to see who’s bartender’s have what it takes! The Ancient Order of Hibernians, John C. Devereux, Division 1 and Five Points Public House in Utica, invite you to join us at the Pub for the 2nd Annual “Best Guinness Pour in Central NY” Contest, on September 12. Doors open at 4 pm and the contest begins at 6 pm.

Semi-Finals were held at Piggy Pat’s (on 8/24) and The Celtic Harp (on 8/30) to compete for one of 8 finalists spots. Area Bartenders will be judged on how well they can pour a “Perfect Pint”, how well they can pour a “Perfect Half & Half” and can they “etch” a “Perfect Shamrock” into the top of their perfect pints.

Spectator Admission is only $10 and that includes a keepsake and a free drink chip. We’ll have local celebrity judges, entertainment, raffles and MORE!

The 8 finalists are:

  • Collin Jackson – Piggy Pat’s Smoke & Ale House
  • Carly Edick – Kozar’s Grill
  • Ashley Kroll – The Famous 727 Bar
  • Jessica Kingsley – Five Points Public House
  • Tyler Tosti – Swifty’s Restaurant & Pub
  • Kim Kelly – The Celtic Harp
  • Emily Montanye – The Celtic Harp
  • Sarah DuRoss – The Celtic Harp

Check out more info HERE!