Bassett Medical Center’s Nurse Residency Program was recently accredited as a Practice Transition Program by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation in Practice Transition Programs. As a result, the program is recognized by the ANCC Practice Transition Accreditation Program® (PTAP) as an Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP). This accreditation will last four years until January 2026.


“Our accreditation is an important assurance that we are serving our nurse residents well,” says Julie Hall, RN. MSN. “The team that produces the program put a lot of effort, time and care into our residents. It feels good to have an objective outside organization confirm that our work is truly making a difference. Many of our BHN nursing leaders are a product of the nurse residency program, myself included. It is an excellent way to enter into practice.”


During the certification process, the ANCC reviews the quality of the program, the knowledge and experience of faculty, the satisfaction of the current residents, the improvement it lends to patient care and outcomes, and confirms that it uses evidence-based practices. The ANCC PTAP certification, therefore, will help the program recruit future residents by confirming that it reaches high standards in each of these areas.


“While the program’s purpose is to invest in our nurses, it is also a complement to Bassett’s overall mission to care for the health and well-being of our patients and community,” says Hall. “Our residents are dedicated, hardworking, excellent caregivers who sometimes decide to remain in the network long term. This is a win-win-win for resident nurses, Bassett Healthcare Network, and our patients.”


Bassett Medical Center’s Nurse Residency Program is a year-long nurse residency program for graduate nurses or registered nurses with minimal hospital-based nursing background. The program includes clinically-oriented classes, as well as individual bedside teaching and observational experiences off the unit. Residents may work in a variety of settings within the hospital, including in medical, surgical, critical care, pediatrics, operating room, same-day/ambulatory procedure, ambulatory care, and emergency departments.



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