We’re making it even easier to GO SUNY for the 2024 academic year with our free application weeks! Apply to SUNY Poly for free between October 16 and October 29.

As part of SUNY’s Free Application Weeks, prospective students applying to SUNY Polytechnic Institute for the spring 2024 and fall 2024 semesters are invited to apply for free between October 16 and October 29, a savings of $50!

This SUNY-wide initiative is applicable for up to 5 campuses, a potential savings that adds up to $250 per applicant, removing an early barrier to college access.

To learn more about applying to SUNY, visit suny.edu/apply. Applicants can apply at ApplySUNY or by using the Common App.

Those who use ApplySUNY will automatically have their first five campus applications waived on the payment page. On the Common App, prospective students must apply campus by campus and select “Yes” to the question: “SUNY is having a free application week. Would you like SUNY to cover your application fee?”